Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos from Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

Fangoria IMG_7193
Ralf Weinfurtner, Erin Ploss-Campoamor, Daeg Faerch, Lisa Vidal, Pablo Proenza, David Chisum, Matt Reynolds

We had a great time at the Weekend of Horrors. We showed the trailer and a couple of scenes, then had an fun discussion about making the movie. Special thanks to Sam, our moderator, who rocked it.

Fangoria IMG_7098

Then we got to sign autographs and meet the fans.

Lisa meets a fan

Fangoria IMG_7136

Gotta say, Fangoria knows how to put on a good party and horror fans know how to have fun. Lots of costumes, blood and a few disturbing images that will never go away. (on a personal note, I was excited to see Clive Barker, Corey Haim, and meet Fred Williamson in the little free time available.)

The full album on Flickr and on Facebook.

Photos by Javier Proenza.

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