Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lisa Vidal's Interview with Fangoria

Matt Molgaard conducts an excellent interview with Lisa Vidal:

Some highlights:

"Lisa Vidal discusses her starring turn in DARK MIRROR, which has won over fans [and] quickly become the most watched film in the history of IFC Films Festival Direct Video-on-Demand."

"Fangoria: I know this was Pablo Proenza's first feature length film. I personally thought he did an excellent job. What was it like working with the young filmmaker?

Lisa Vidal: Pablo was awesome, he was wonderful. He really impressed me... Whenever I needed advice, I was able to get it from him. He was very smart, he had great instincts about his characters…and yet he was still very, very open to suggestion. He respected that I was a seasoned actress and that I had instincts about certain things...we had a very trusting relationship with each other. And I think that’s very important as an actor especially when you’re a lead and you’re carrying the film - there’s so much intensity involved."

"Fangoria: The film has been receiving some great reviews, from some excellent media outlets. I’ve read quite a bit of praise for both the film and your performance in particular. How does it feel to see the film so warmly embraced?

Lisa Vidal: My goodness, let me tell you - I was surprised! To me it was always a small film, it was so creative and independent, it was smart - but I was surprised to find how many people were watching it... It’s become a lot bigger than I even expected, which is always a nice surprise. The reviews have been awesome. There’s no better feeling than people really digging the film and performances, and getting into it. It’s been awesome - a great ride."

To read the rest of the interview, go to Fangoria's website.

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